Maintenance (cleaning)

Maintenance (cleaning)
• Regular maintenance andappropriate cleaning of chandeliers restores them to their
original appearance and preserves their value, saving you money
• Thorough, professional hand cleaning with attention to details of all typeschandeliers is
done using special, preserving detergents

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Services of installation

Services of installation
• Correctly installed crystal chandelier will provide the most effective impact in your interior
• Professional installation and disassembly of chandeliers

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We offer all services in the field of chandeliers

We offer all services in the field of chandeliers
• From simple repairs of individual components to a complete chandelier replenishment
• Re‐ wiring
• Renovation of metal parts
• Complete renovation and replacement of damaged or lost crystal parts
• Cooperation with the famous chandeliers manufacturer (Wranovsky) is our guarantee of
Wranovsky is a renowned chandeliers manufacturer well known in the Czech Republic and
the rest of the world.

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We offer qualified washing and cleaning of glass and metal of all types of chandeliers and lamps. We have more than twelve years experience in the field. We perform cleaning directly in your apartment, hotel or business without the need to dismantle the chandelier (except for the damaged piece). Prices are determined on the basis of the size and location of the chandelier. We have been working with chandeliers since 2006. Individually we went through all stages from production to sales. From the end of 2015, we have decided to indulge in our unique quality cleaning, washing and service to preserve the original shine and glow. We have a wide range of original trimmings and works from skilled masters, which will help you extend the life of your chandeliers. During the wash, we can make small repairs on the spot, or add missing chandeliers components (replacing fused electric plugs, adding crystal trimmings, chains, etc.). Greater repairs and repairs of chandeliers are provided by the workshop.


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